RISE Health Research Network: from the Lab to the Community

Investigação - Laboratório Associados


The RISE Associated Laboratory is focused on clinical and translational research and innovation and aims to strengthen health research in the Portuguese Scientific and Technological Systems, from the preclinical and clinical stages to the community level, supporting and fostering the goals ofthe Portuguese policy for science and technology. In harmony with this general aim, RISE commits to meet three
key sustainability goals, relying on its strong human infrastructure of (clinical and translational) researchers and healthcare professionals who will act on a physical infrastructure merging the academia and the healthcare system:
• Promote scientific and technical careers for doctorates, while ensuring talent attraction for Portugal.
• Support governmental entities in monitoring public policy addressed to scientific, health, social, environmental and economic challenges.
• Increase and diversify funding sources from European Union and from other international agencies.

Principal Coordinator: Fernando Schmitt

NOVA’s Coordinator: Conceição Calhau, NOVA Medical School

Algarve’s Coordinator: Ana Teresa Maia

R&D Units: Center for Health Technology and Services Research (CINTESIS); Cardiovascular Centre of the University of Lisbon (CCUL); Cardiovascular R&D Unit (UnIC); Portuguese Oncology Institute Porto Research Center (CI-IPOP).