LAQV-REQUIMTE Associated Laboratory for Green Chemistry - Clean Technologies and Processes

Investigação - Unidades de I&D


The Associated Laboratory for Green Chemistry is the Portuguese Research Centre for Sustainable Chemistry, hosted by the Network of Chemistry and Technology (REQUIMTE). The vision of LAQV is for a world in which Sustainable Chemistry is used as a powerful and dynamic tool to tackle the societal, economic, and environmental challenges of modern life.
Accordingly, our mission is to initiate, advance, and promote the principles of Sustainable Chemistry through a multiplicity of research, networking, training, and outreach activities.

LAQV aims at keeping a pivotal role in the Portuguese scientific system and at continuing to be an internationally recognized partner in all areas related to Sustainable Chemistry, a key component of an imperative World Sustainable Development.


Principal Investigator: Baltazar Castro, University of Porto

NOVA’s Coordinator: João Paulo Crespo, FCT NOVA
Évora’s Coordinator: Manuela Ribeiro Carrott

Type of Collaboration: NOVA-Évora

Other entities: University of Aveiro; University of Coimbra; University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro; Polytechnic Institute of Porto.