ARI-NET Infrastructure Network in Aquatic Research

Investigação - Laboratório Associados


ARI-NET is a new Associated Laboratory (AL) application for a network geographically distributed in mainland Portugal and in the archipelago of Madeira, with a total of nine poles. It is organized in two
main research areas: Ocean and Coastal Dynamics and Environmental Systems and Resources, covering of all aquatic ecosystems (from fresh water to marine
waters). The ARI-NET Strategic plan to support public policy response to scientific, health, social, environmental, and economic challenges relies on 5 Thematic Lines (TL) with a transversal view of the investigation of ecosystems, from exploration and monitoring, bioeconomic, global changes and governance and literacy.

Principal Investigator: João Carlos Marques, Universiy of Coimbra

NOVA’s Coordinator: Graça Martinho – FCT NOVA

Évora’s Coordinator: Helena Adão

Algarve’s Coordinator: Maria João Bebianno

R&D Units: Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre (MARE); Centre for Marine and Environmental Research (CIMA UALG); Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology (CBMA);