Campus Sul

About the research

The University of Évora, University of Algarve, and NOVA University Lisbon are partners in several national and European research projects in different scientific fields, with a special focus on the areas of Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences, Environment and Heritage, allowing to combine the resources and skills residing in each of the universities to create new knowledge that will support the enhancement of the southern region of Portugal.
With more than 300 articles published in co-authorship between the 3 institutions from 2015 to 2020, mainly in the areas of agricultural and biological sciences, social sciences, medicine and environmental sciences, the Universities of southern Portugal are committed to jointly contributing to the increase of territorial cohesion and the development of solutions that tackle the great challenges of today, in particular those specific to the southern region.

From the respective Associated Centers and Laboratories in which they participate, the Universities of the South Campus will reinforce research of excellence and collaborative scientific work, particularly seeking to value cultural diversity, to make cities and communities more inclusive and sustainable, to ensure more efficient consumption and production standards, and to support the conservation of seas, oceans and marine biodiversity.