CAIS Massa



Promote agriculture based on a sustainable model, in line with the principles of circular economy and eco-economy, that is, aimed at production with maximum efficiency and the preservation of
quality of resources (water, soil, biodiversity), which promotes the consumption of products with quality and safety and prevents their scarcity, and which is based on close urban-rural relationships, contributing to the development and cohesion of southern and hinterland territories Iberian.

Thematic Lines

  • Promotion of the Mediterranean Diet;
  • Valuing endogenous natural resources;
  • Innovation applied to agricultural production;
  • HR training in the area of ​​Sustainable Agriculture;

Srategic Partners

Municipalities, CCDR (Algarve, Alentejo, Lisbon), INIAV (Institute for Agrarian and Veterinary Research), Bayer Crop Science, Syngenta Crop Science, Eugénio de Almeida Foundation,
Fraunhofer Institute, AJAP (Association of Young Farmers of Portugal), Academic Partners at Iberian and International level.


Innov PlantProtect Collaborative Laboratory (Elvas).